Arokaya Facial Lift

(Facial Sensory Therapy)(Sensitive Ozone Facial Pore Purify)(Bio-Detox Aqua Facial Cleansing)(Lotus Seed Facial Compress)(Acupressure Point Collagen Facial Boost)(Lotus Petal Eyes Soothing)(Skin Repair Facial Sensitive Mask) (Day Time Reversal Facial Radiant)

A significant approach to delay the signs of aging through the application of this therapy, helps to gradually diminish the fine lines with the use of the divine amethyst rarest form of quartz stone lift up the face & triggers. Arokaya facial technique a correcting effect that reduces the inflammation and blemishes. Melt away tensions and fatigue, disperse the toxins and lifting up spirit, suitable for dry to normal skin.

Bio-Detox Collagen Firming

(Facial Sensory Therapy)(Bio-Detox Aqua Facial Cleansing)(Sensitive Ozone Facial Pore Purify)(Marine Collagen Facial Firming Massage)(Amethyst Ice Stone Face Lift)(Placenta Rejuvenate Mask)(Day Time Reversal Facial Radiant)

A combined essence of marine extracts that completes the bio-detoxification benefits of this treatment, perfectly design to tackle all the skin issues, the "Dii Time Reversal" collagen that contains 600x Astaxanthin is responsible to the visible skin regeneration increase elasticity and improved firmness of the skin. Intensive boost enzyme are packed in placenta rejuvenate mask, while the defined healing amethyst maintain the intoxication of the skin by clearing the veins clog through the method of Ice stone face lifting therapy.

Detoxify Jade Energetic Therapy

(Facial Sensory Therapy) (Bio-Detox Facial Cleansing) (Bio-Detox Facial Scrub) (Detoxify Divine Jade Stone Energetic Treatment) (Amethyst Ice Stone Face Lift) (Placenta Rejuvenate Mask) (Placenta Rejuvenate Mask) (Day Time Reversal Facial Radiant)

Distilled by the wonders of science to bring the purest level of detoxification, address the head all the way to the neck Rejuvenation through the help of the energizing properties of divine jade stone, designed to normalize the flow of Qienergy within and stimulating special points that gathers energy flows underneath the skin. The magnetic heat field transmits the heat through the divine jade stone. Designed to bring internal detoxification while the invigorating power of the icy amethyst stone enhance the overall appearance and vitality to the face complexion.

Intensive Time Reversal

(Facial Sensory Therapy)(Bio-Detox Facial Cleansing)(Bio-Detox Facial Scrub)(Collagen Time Reversal Facial)(Skin Repair Facial Sensitive Mask)(Day Time Reversal Facial Radiant)

Let the manifestation of eternal youthfulness appears within you with the blissful benefits of the time reversal series, Astaxanthin one of the most potent and powerful anti-oxidant given of its 500 times count and containing 600 times count more than normal Vitamin C is being featured on this humble yet intensive approach facial treatment. Disperse the free radicals, nourish the skin and reduce the signs of aging.

Muk Abhyanga Facial Detox

(Facial Sensory Therapy)(Sensitive Ozone Facial Pore Purify)(Bio Detox Facial Cleansing)(Muk Abhya nga Warm Oil Facial Detoxify)(Amethyst Ice Stone Face Lift)(Skin Repair Facial Sensitive Mask)(Day Time Reversal Facial Radiant)

Pre-medicated organic extracts are what the Muk Abhyanga treatment are composed of, Derived from the healing technique of "Panchakarma therapy" and the outstanding Dii wellness skin care products aims combined nothing but everyone's life wellness through the gathered force of fine marine extracts intensively purifies the skin from within and brings out the refined, blemishes free look.