Detoxifying Myth

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Almond & Grape Seed Oil Body Cover} {Mineral Water Steam} {Divana Refined Body Scrub} {Kaffir-Lime-Bergamot Warm Oil Massage}

A total well-being treatment to help you reach the state of restoration and wellness. By integrating the ancient healing art of touch with aroma warm oil massage techniques, the treatment encourages your body to release the sluggish circulation and ease lymphatic drainage, while uplifting your inner energy flows. This ideal treatment will leave you with a sensation of deep rebirth.

Divana Milky Miracle

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Milky & Almond Oil Body Cover} {Hair Spa Detoxify & Head Massage} {Aromatic Steam} {Milky Body Scrub} {Warm Milk Body Compress} { Warm Shower} { Warm Oil Body Massage} {Warm Milky Bath}

Allow the magic of nutritious milk and skin conditioner, Almond oil to foster your eternally youthful soul from tip to toe. The Milky dissolvent exfoliation and Warm Milky Compress brings out a baby soft skin.The Warm Oil Body Massage and Warm Milky Bath imprint the everlasting radiance on your silky complexion. This treatment is perfect for sensitive or sunburned skin.

Forever Rose Stem Cell Therapy

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Organic Rose Fresh Body Scrub & Body Mud} {Rose Stem Cell Hair Muditioner} {Rose Stem Cell Aromatic Steam} {Rose Stem Cell Collagen Massage} {Organic Rose Floral Bath}

Suitable for irritated skins, this romantic treatment uses rose stem cell technology to treat lines, wrinkles and other signs of premature ageing through an aromatic steam, body wrap and hair muditioner all using the extract of rose stem cells. Follow this up with a moisture boost through a combination of a rose stem cell collagen massage and a floral bath that brings about renewed vitality and ensures epidermal regeneration. The process reduces redness and improves the defensive barrier function of the skin.

Gentlemen Exclusive Care

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Green Tea & Aloe Vera Body Scrub} {Energizing Steam} {Mineral Oriental Bath} {Warm Oil Body Massage} {Facial Deep Cleansing}

Tailored-made nurturing spa session for gentlemen that quickly increases vitality and firmness. A head-to-toe pick-me-up acting as an antidote to your stressful lifestyle. This popular gentlemen's package consists of a Revitalizing Body Treatment, Warm Oil Body Massage and a Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment. A unique and memorable spa experience with a perfect balance for senses.

Rose Garden & Collagen Treasure

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Whitening Natural AHA Body Wrap}{Rich Rose & Collagen Serum Massage} {Neck & Breast Massage and Mask} {Lavender & Yoghurt Bath}

A vitamin-enriched 'AHA' body wrap, in an effort to illuminate skin complexion, preludes a lavish body bath of lavender & yoghurt that calms and relaxes the mind. The opulent sweet rose collagen massage leaves you drenched with nurturing nourishment and real firming & uplifting sensations while your skin appears young & silky, feels soft to the touch yet fresh and delicately fragranced. The session includes neck & breast refining treatment for a desirable proportion of feminineness. An ultimate rebirth of well-toned figure and gorgeous glowing skin

Spring Floral Detox

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Carnation Oil Cover} {Divana Refined Body Scrub} {Hair Spa Detoxify & Head Massage} {Aromatic Steam With Rose Oil} {Warm Milky Bath With Rose Oil} {Aromatherapy Body Massage}

Indulge in a delicately designed treatment to savor your majestic spa experience at its best. Lighten up your ideal relaxation with the exquisite extracts from a wide range of spring time's fresh blooms in Divana's lushly serene environment. Feel a profound novelty and purity, following flowery body scrub, warm milky bath and sweet scented body massage.