The Romance of Siamese Rose

     Divana will treat your body with the exclusive program “The Romance of Siamese Rose” a signature program of Divana Scentuara inspired by The legend of a beautiful woman, An exclusive treat from head to toe just like "The Princess" that has a beguiling beauty that everyone in the land admires.

     Embellish beauty in a way to achieve through the wondrous benefits of rose beguiling essences. Organic rose petal was blend to Himalayan rock salt that flushes away all dead skin cells. Trance yourself to gorgeous nap while the “Kratie Chan” rose water penetrates more nutrients of the scrub for a more supple skin complexion. A treat from temple up to your scalp is a Chakra Healing head massage while giving your scalp a tender detoxification; boost up all nutrients that surface your skin through the reviving essence of the rose steam; Deep into the calmness and roll away worrisome through Himalayan stone treat melded with Rayavedic rose oil, it balances the nerves and soothe the cardiac rhythm; Rose petal anti-aging facial technique gathered benefits revives face elasticity and naturally tackle unwanted blemishes, while the Himalayan eye balance therapy gradually diminish visible fine lines; Varnish your body with Siamese rose milky bath that invigorates the mood an revive beauty elements that is quintessential to create the whole aura of a dazzling belle appeal. This Program is including

1. Ashiyu foot soak 

2. Warm oil stem rose body rub

3. Himalayan rose salt body scrub

4. Krajae Chan Stem Rose honey water body mud

5. Stem Rose anti-age body steam

6. Himalayan rose salt stone magnetic body detoxify

7. Rose Petal Anti-aging facial Treatment

8. Himalayan Rose Eye Balance Therapy

9. Rose Chakra Head Scalp Therapy

10. Siamese Rose Romance bath