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Review : aroma oil massage, body scrub and milky bath at Divana Scentuara Spa, a luxury spa in midtown.


If you feel tired, let's walk into the spa. 

Let's spend 90 minutes with aroma oil massage, body scrub and milky bath at Divana Scentuara Spa, a new midtown luxury spa in Soi Somkid, Chidlom area. The program " The Romance of Siamese Rose " is a nourishing spa treatment that will make you feel fully relaxed and at ease in Divana style.Before entering the spa, khun Peach, Kanpitcha Kiatkajornrit, the Project Manager of Divana spa came to tell us about divana fresh scrub ingredients.

And now it's the spa time! I must say this is my spa treatment in many years. The ambiance here is so peaceful. The beautiful 90 years old white house, former residence of Prince Klongtoey, is outstanding with colonial style architecture, dated since King Rama the 5th, the Western art that is perfectly harmonized with Asian art that offers you the Thai touch while walking into the spa. This place is covered with natural serenity.

Starting from feet treatment by putting your feet in warm salty water to detoxify your beloved feet with Ashiyu program. Then cherish yourself by soaking the warm oil on your body to slow down the body cell aging, followed by body scrubbing from pink Himalayan salt, the best salt with 84 minerals to eliminate the dead skin cells and bring back the fresh and lively youth and also to balance the body acid. Later, soaking your body again with honey collagen and thanaka powder to reduce the unwanted pimple on your back but to regain the smoother skin.

Next, Himalayan Stone body massage is followed to detoxify body skin and to wake up your liveliness. Relax your feeling from the head and shoulder massage by warm towel. Another massage from warm Himalayan stone is a must to get rid off the dangerous magnetic wave from your body.

The final step of this beautiful treatment, is the rose and milky bathing, the untold beauty secret of Cleopatra from Egypt. Divana has carefully selected this treatment program only for you to be as beautiful as Cleopatra but in Rattanakosin empire.

Every beauty treatment step is supervised by our professional and well trained therapist. You will feel the utmost relaxation and the obvious difference of smoother skin already right after the program.

Let's come and try this over for your dear body and mind. 

More details in instagram : divanathailand Location : Soi Somkid, behind Central Chidlom. Very convenient and easy to reach.

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Ummm.., where does this extravagant aroma come from? Ah... it is actually from my hands! Today I'd like to review a very nice hand cream! First, I have known Divana brand from Dii, a famous skin care brand that I have fallen in love with, especially the cleansing gel ( I want to cry as mine is actually going to finish soon ). This brand is 100% Thai  brand and I would say it is a luxury brand that is full of high quality ingredients in all products. Divana is quite famous and well known abroad, especially in Japan! Or some of you might have known this brand from several branches of Divana spa at Sukumvit area. 

Divana Organic Hand Cream

80 grams : 850 baht / 30 grams : 380 baht


 1. Queen of the Night Organic Hand Cream

The first aroma that I would like to introduce is the one that I like the most out of 4 aromas. It is the finest combination of 8 Thai nocturnal flowers which are Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Wild Water Plum, Night Jasmine, Lady of The Night, Ixora, Crinum and Bullet Wood. When I smell this, I have the feeling of being gorgeous, de luxe, classy like when I am walking in high-end department store or like traveling in First Class ( I know i that I might exaggerate a bit but I really feel like that). The aroma is nicely pleasant, not too strong, relaxing and can be even used instead of perfume! I love this aroma so much..100 stars for this hand cream!

The specialty of this hand cream is that there is a little gold glitter in the beautiful..! The cream is light and not sticky. It quickly penetrates into the skin but leaves your skin hydrated and healthy from inside out.


 2. White Orchid Holistic Organic Hand Cream

My second favorite is the aroma of white orchid. Light and sweet aroma. It's the sweetness that I have never had before. Who would like to have her hands smell so sweet that make man want to hold her hands all the time. This aroma is highly recommended!


 3. Raya Vedic Rose Organic Hand Cream

I think that this rosy aroma is the most challenging aroma because it's the one that people like and dislike most. There is a high risk that there will be a very smelly aroma like red rose style. But this Raya Vedic Rose Organic Hand Cream is special and distinguished from the others. It smells like the freshly cut rose that is put in the vase, mixed with the citrus sense that make the rosy aroma finest. You will have the feeling of relaxation and comfort on your skin. The main ingredients of this hand cream is Tea Rose and Bulgarian Rose with the combination of clove and pine essential oil. So this aroma is also one of my preferences! 


 4. Mango Mantra Organic Hand Cream

The last aroma is perfect to please the person who loves the sweet and sour sense. The aroma gives fully the freshness and the tropical feeling. Close your eyes and imagine that you are on the beach with a posh sunglasses and Panama hat , holding a glass of cool mango frappe in your hand. This aroma is exclusive with attitude I'd say.


 Let's come to the conclusion. This set of Divana Hand Cream is so nice and worth buying. They offer the finest natural combination of aroma that gives the feeling of light but luxury. The price is just perfect to the quantity and the high quality inside. You can buy it to reward yourself and it is also an excellent gift for the person you love because of its beauty that represents being Thai. Perfect for elderly family members and foreigners too. 

Hope this review is helpful and useful for all of you. See you again soon.


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