Ayurvedic Rose Glamour at Divana virtue spa
Ayurvedic Rose Glamour 
Combine the massage with Rose Quartz to make your love brighter than ever.The highest nourishment and pampering for your skin all over the body with the benefits from Rose together with the power of love stone ” Rose Quartz”. Let’s escape from chaos and indulge yourself in a special moment with the rose glamour. Deep enrichment with the benefits from rose stem cells rejuvenate and moisturize your skin. Not only your skin gets smoother and brighter but also the merrier love.Start your relaxing time with Ashiyu Foot Soak Program. Detoxify your feet in warm salt water then enjoy yourself in timeless glamorous moment with Divana luxury skin pampering program. Relish the touch of Rose Quartz and Shirodhara technique by pouring warm sweet almond oil on the third eye right in the middle of forehead to adjust your inner body balance for the supreme relaxation. Enjoy our hair spa that moisturizes and gives vitamin nourishment to your hair. Rose Quartz Revital Facial Treatment brightens your  facial complexion. Then smoothen and shine your skin with Gum Honey and Sweet Rose Scrub before the Hay Herbal Steam that will open the pores and let the benefits from Thai herbs go deeply through your skin. Rose Quartz Warm Oil Massage later would give you an amazing massage experience of Divana warm  Rose Quartz. End happily the program with Sweet Rose Glamour Milk Bath that will rejuvenate and return the youth back to your skin.