Aurora of Ayothaya

     Deliver a brilliant aura through the enhance treat aggrandize by the beauty essence inspired by invigorating treat of “Aurora of Ayothaya Exclusive treat” inspired by the gorgeous lady of Ayutthaya. Beauty both inside and outside using integrated traditional Thai medicine knowledge to adjust the balance of the elements that leads to a gorgeous skin just like the virtuous woman of Ayutthaya.

     The introduction of Thai wisdom and Ancient Healing philosophy applied on its well-designed massage and spa therapies, combining modern knowledge and following the systematic approach of Thai traditional medicine the four elements to create a methodical technique that is integrated to the exclusive programs that are innovatively worth trying. By everyone’s date of birth which has corresponding elements, we create a well curated treatments to balance the body, mind and emotions. The Earth Element treats the seizure of pain from the back, shoulders up to the neck through steady staccato rhythm of hammering method along tense muscles to reduces pain and relieve stress. The Water Element, beneficial for people with edema problems using warm compressed on a circular massage rhythm to balance the water energy inside the body. The Wind Elements that treats flatulence, using organic herbals to lay upon abdomen aiming to stabilize body air-flow to aid the flatulence gas through sweating. The Fire Element cools down the heat of the body, treats people who are susceptive to heat by cooling it down.

     Deity Beauty of the gorgeous lady is the magnified theorem of Aurora of Ayuthaya, a wondrous treatment that entice the beauty through the herbal methods of Thai Siamese medicine endogenous to the land of Thais. The pore purifier was upgraded while adsorbs the needed oxygen for skin revival; Golden Silk mend with honey gum are rub gently to remove toxins and skin impurities while retain skin elasticity; Golden Silk Mask wrap the nutrients to swigs in while the infrared body detox promotes a rapid cell regeneration; Be indulge with the combine technique of Aromatherapy and Thai Massage that tackles muscle tensions for a total body relaxation; Energy channels absorb by the skin that release natural essential oil from the herbs that suit your elemental state using our almanac chart of elements: Pathavi Earth Element, Vayo Air Element, Apo Water Element, Tesho Fire Element. 

1. Ayothaya Foot Spa Remedy

2. Skin Ozone Body Purify + Silk oil body rub

3. Organic Silk & Gold powder with Honey collagen

4. Milky ball scrub) (Organic Silk & Gold powder body mask

5. Organic Silk Cocoon Body Steam

6. Ayothaya Aromatic Massage with selection of Four Element remedy

7. Golden Aurora Facial Rejuvenate) (Aurora Ayothaya Floral Fragrance bath