Have you ever had an insomnia? Let's sleep more easily with aromatherapy.

Have you ever had an insomnia? 

Let's sleep more easily with aromatherapy.


Have you ever had insomnia or you still feel week and sleepy after waking up in the morning because you didn't have enough sleep? Divana would like to give you a little tip for your insomnia by " aromatherapy ", a small trick that is unbelievably amazing. Beside the comfortable bed, the nice aroma is also another way to make you sleep more easily, deeply and longer. Enough sleep will give you a good immune system that makes you healthy both body and mind.

When the body feels the sense of " scent ", the nervous system will send a message to the brain to create senses. Definitely, there is a special scent that sends a message to the brain and body to relax, calm down and rest more easily and longer.

No more sleepy mornings from restless nights! Just spray D by Divana Himalayan Healing Mist on your pillow 2-3 times, you'll enjoy long peaceful sleep like never before. Divana has researched that the aroma from Himalayan Healing Mist, extracted from the Himalayan salt has its great benefit to tune the brain wave into relaxing mode. It will enhance a better and more efficient sleep and lead later to a quality relaxation of your body. Divana Himalayan Healing Mist also has the finest combination of English Camomile, French Lavender and Geraniums and Italian Bergamot with the natural sugar cane alcohol so it is safe for yourself and your beloved surroundings. 

Price : 80 ml., 790 baht