Quartz of life

Quartz of life

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The power of stones

Stones were found being used for therapy since ancient time. It’s called Crystal Healing or stone therapy. Stones are believed that they have positive energy and can release electromagnetic power. Each stone has its different energy.

Nowadays the power of stones has been explained scientifically that the stone is an element of soil, water, wind and fire same as human body. Each stone has collected the power from universe, sunlight and rays through million years. Crystal Healing is truly capable of drawing imbalanced energy out of your body.


Rose Quartz (Stone of love)

A beautiful pink stone is known as Crystal of Venus filled with love and fascinating power. For single person, let the water run through the Rose Quartz then it will attract the love and romance. This special stone emits a soft and sweet romance energy when you touch. It’s getting softer when it’s warm which is good for massage to relax muscles and tendons.


Black Jade (Stone of protection)

This stone is rich of iron. Black Jade has positive energy. Chinese believes that it can get rid of the bad spirits and clear your mind. It could bring power, good opportunity and success.

Black Jade has an electromagnetic power which can detoxify the heavy metal residue and returns you smooth and healthy skin. Black Jade massage helps in skin detoxification and release all tiredness and fatigue.


Tiger Eye Stone


This powerful stone is believed as the stone of wealth and fortune. The meaning of the stone is the third eye, the power of discernment and promote creativity and imagination. The Stone releases an energy to eliminate anxiety or negative energy and enhance your confidence to make you succeed in any negotiation.