Thai Retreat & Longevity

The integration of traditional Thai medicine and oriental wisdom with modern medicine for the Perfect Life & Wellbeing

The LOTUS FLOWER, part of the auspicious and sacred offerings used in Buddhist rituals, symbolizes birth and exquisite growth as well as light that dispels darkness. Most importantly, the lotus flower represents the bloom of youth and longevity.

Concept: Divana Nurture Spa is Bangkok's first Thai retreat spa that integrates traditional Thai remedies and oriental healing wisdom with medical technology (holistic). It aspires to be Thailand's retreat and longevity hub with the goal of keeping the body, mind and soul in the best of health. Its treatments are based on four fundamental principles of 'WELLNESS LIFE"

  1. Diagnosis (both physical and psychological)
  2. Detox (targeting toxins and impurities)
  3. Healing (natural methods)
  4. Boost 'n' Prevent