Divana Nurture Spa is an oasis of calm located on Sukhumvit Soi 11 in the heart of Bangkok's business district. The one-rai property comprises a courtyard and an inner healing glass house called "Anatta", alternative treatment room called "Arokaya", reception room, product corner, and treatment rooms that named represent the meaning of lotus, spread across two floors in the mansion zone. The villa zone – detached and flanking the mansion on both sides – consists of 16 double rooms with 32 beds, each with modern amenities, a steam room and an en suite bathroom.

With the spa rooted in the symbolic lotus flower and the perfect Thai retreat concept, the features of the lotus flower are incorporated into the design and decor. The decorations have a simple lotus motif, representing a harmonious blend of lotus flowers, lotus petals, lotus leaves, and a lotus pattern. They are in forms and lines that depict the stages of unfurling (the abstract) and on display (the concrete) throughout the compound: the entrance, exterior and interior high wall, lotus pond, the floor tiles of the courtyard (activity space), reception room, roof and treatment rooms. The furniture is contemporary Thai in design and reflects subtle Thai craftsmanship as evident in the bas-relief walls in the interior and the baths with a lotus motif. The other spaces also feature a blooming lotus motif in different forms and lines to create a warm and airy atmosphere.