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Divine Massage

Siamese Sense

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Traditional Thai Massage}

A wealth of combined elements of yoga and acupressure that works with the energy pathwaysof the body to promote well-being and stimulate circulation, that works wonders by removing the stress and strains  of modern life. A complete relaxation that has you recharged and ready to start a new day and ensures the inner balance and harmony of body and soul. To end your session, you may add our Legendary Thai Herbal Bath to your liking.

70 mins / 1,250 THB - 100 mins / 1,650 THB

Optional* Legendary Thai Herbal Bath 30 mins / 950 THB / Jacuzzi 30 mins / 1,250 THB

Aromatic Relaxing Massage

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Aromatic Body Massage}

Divana's hallmark of oil massage with its well-blended techniques which helps enhance vitality of firmness
and alleviate muscular & nervous tension while energizing mind and soul. This is such a relaxing retreat
which is well worth a try on quiet day. To end your session, you may add our Legendary Thai Herbal Bath to your liking.

90 mins / 1,850 THB - 120 mins / 2,350 THB

Optional* Legendary Milky Bath 30 mins / 1,050 THB / Jacuzzi 30 mins / 1,250 THB

Aromatic Stretching Massage

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Passive Yoga Massage for Bending & Stretching}

The well-sculpted fusion art of strength-training elements of fitness and invigorating yoga regimen. A tailored-made massage therapy,  ideal for long-houred desk jobbers with ergonomic stress and tension, where fitness and yoga blend seamlessly to offer a recapture of a beautiful balance the mind and body.

100 mins / 2,050 THB

Divine Stress Melt Away

{Ashiyu Foot Soak Refreshing Foot Tone} {Head, Back and Shoulder Massage} {Essential Herbal Compress}

Another intensive approach for innumerable holistic healing benefits.Therapeutic value of Thai herbal compress "Look Pra Kob" in combination with exclusive massage therapy concentrating on head, shoulders and back to ease tensions in muscles and articulations to generate mental states of calm & peaceful relaxation. Magically feel your accumulated stress melt away.

70 mins / 1,950 THB

Wildflower compress

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Divine Siamese Warm Herbal Compress}

A revival spa healing treatment using a Thai ancient knowledge imparted through generations, "Look Pra Kob" or steamed herbal compress containing a blend of numerous traditional Thai herbs, in sync with dynamic Siamese massage to achievea truly awakening and invigorating effect on mind and body. Increases circulation and energy flow. Releases tension and eases chronic pain while stimulating senses to diminish mental fatigue and stress.

100 mins / 2,050 THB

Melatonin Cradle Lullaby

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Long Stroke Massage With Lavender Warm Oil Plus Melatonin}

prelude melody to a calmness of the mind and a potentially restful beauty-sleep. Indulges with a soothing and relaxing lullaby of lavender oil massage while naturally stimulating internal melatonin secretion essential for natural sleep & wake cycles of the body. To ensure the optimum sensational remedy, add in our Melatonin Aromatic Bath to your liking.

120 mins / 2,950 THB

Abhayanga body lift massage

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Gum Honey & Brightening Sweet Rose Body Scrub} {Shea Butter Extra Firming Body Pack} {Abhyanga Body Shaping Massage}

Derived from traditional Abhyanga massage, starts off with shea butter body pack leaving your skin firm & velvety. Upcoming, abhyanga oil massage enhanced with herbal & floral essences leaves you endowed with pleasant touch, trims body parts, and improves elimination of impurities from the body. It as well results in calming for the mindand the nerves leading to better & deeper sleep at night and eventually helps tackle aging process.

120 mins / 3,150 THB

Growth Hormone & Ruby Hot Stone

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Ruby Hot Stone Body Retreat Plus Growth Hormone & Collagen}

Holistic treatment based on use of 'Ruby', the stone of lord sun. Sensationally massages and assists the body in self-healing to restore lost vitality, rebalancing the skin and the body's energy flow. Enriched with growth hormone & collagen, this sumptuous spa  therapy leaves you radiantly smooth and velvety to the touch, replenishes moisture and re imposes younger-looking skin.

120 mins / 3,350 THB

Office Syndrome Remedy

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Head, Back & Shoulders Stress Relieve Massage)(Long Stroke Deep Sleep Massage)(Phikat Bua Compress)

Combat the busy life and restrain yourself by the help of this remarkable treatment. A combined technique treating the back, shoulders and head, this remedy finalizes the treat with serene long stroke of deep massage, thus energizing and soothing the body. It also focuses on pinching and pressing on acupressure points to help ease the stress. The method will gradually apply reviving remedy to help you break free from the social stress of life.

120 mins / 2,750 THB

Pregnancy Panacea Therapy

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Warm Sweet Almond Body Massage)(SattaSalt Hot Compress)

Suitable for 4-6 months of Pregnancy.

A delicate body work that involves the application of pressure to the reflex zones. This massage provides worry free as the treatment is carefully designed to treat women who are in prenatal stage provided after the first tri-mester of pregnancy, treatment is meticulously approached to use Divana's organic sweet almond massage oil, Achieving a truly awakening and invigorating effect on mind and body while carrying precious one in thy womb.

120 mins / 2,750 THB

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