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Rayaveda Crown Gold

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Gold Leaves & Ginseng Oil Body Cover} {Gum Honey Body Scrub} {Shirodhara & Chakra Therapy} {Hair Spa & Scalp Massage} {Asian Herbal Steam}{Asian Treasure Herbal Scrub} (Tanaka+Tumeric+Jasmine)} {Crown Gold StonexWarm Oil Massage} {Crystal Jade Therapy (Facial Treatment)} {Asian Herbal Bath} {Divana's Daily Meal Choice Service}

Explore the healing art of golden leaves & Asian herbs with Ayurvedic Healing Therapy, combines the power of precious stones that encourages your body to release the sluggish circulation and ease lymphatic drainage, while uplifting your inner energy flows. With Jade Therapy Facial Massage, this program is ideal for cooling, calming and inducing a state of deep relaxation. Symbolizing love, inner peace and harmony that encourage creativity and mental agility, Jade Therapy is ideal for restoring perpetual youth.

270 Mins / THB 7,750

Crown Gold Ayurveda

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Gold Leaves And Ginseng Oil Body Cover} {Gum Honey Body Scrub}{Shirodhara & Chakra Therapy} {Hair Spa & Scalp Massage} {Asian Herbal Steam} {Asian Treasure Herbal Scrub (Tanaka+Turmaric+ Jasmine)} {Crown Gold Warm Oil Massage}

Total well-being treatment to help you reach the highest state of restoration and wellness. Integrating the healing art of golden leaves & Asian herbs with Ayurvedic healing therapy, combines the power of precious gems stones, Crown Gold Stone, which encourages your body to release the sluggish circulation and ease lymphatic drainage, while uplifting your inner energy flow. This ideal treatment will leave you with a fantastic sensation of deep rebirth.

210 mins / THB 6,850

Champagne Mango

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner } {Duo Herbal Compress With Chamomile Tea & Fresh Milk} {Fresh Tangerine With Turmeric Body Scrub} {Fresh Mango & Red Algae Collagen Body Rub} {Champagne Anti-Aging Treatment} {Brightening Rhubarb Warm Oil & Hot Stone Body Massage} {Milky Bath} {Divana's Daily Meal Choice Service}

A lavish indulgence to experience. The duo performance of chamomile & fresh milk compress and tangerine & turmeric scrub help purify and relax your body, ready for the next act. Feel mango's enzyme with natural peeling benefit while red algae collagen helps regenerate resilience, firmness and strength to the skin. Last act, antioxidant age-defying champagne treatment scored by revivifying 'rhubarb' warm oil massage to ensure the excellent play of a sparkling body spa for glowing youthful skin.

210 mins / THB 7,950 - 240 mins / THB 9,950

(210 mins: Sparkling Wine instead of Champagne. Milky Bath and Meal Service are not Inclusive) (Advance Reservation is Required)

Ayurvedic Rose Glamour

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Shirodara & Rose Quartz Chakra Therapy} {Head & Scalp Massage} {Gum Honey & Brightening Sweet Rose Body Scrub} {Hay Herbal Steam} {Rose Quartz Warm Oil Massage} {Sweet Rose Glamour Milky Bath} {Rose Quartz Revital Facial Treatment} {Divana's Daily Meal Choice Service}

Such a sensational delightful nurturance ideally crafted for perfect romantic couples & honeymooners will simply lead you along a natural flow of sweetness from 'rose quartz' stone of love to a total state of well-being. Absorb the feelings of eternal love & care and feel the sensual pampering of mystical magic Shirodhara & miracle Rose Quartz therapy. You will optimize your session to finish off with our Sweet Rose Glamour Milky Bath to help you reach the sanctuary on earth.

210 mins / THB 6,850 - 270 mins / THB 7,750

(210 mins: Rose Quartz Revital Facial Treatment and Meal Choice Service are not Inclusive

Organic Golden Silk Royal Pampering

Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Organic Tanaka Body Cover & Sericin Silk Thread Spinning} {Organic Milky Compress} {Organic Honey & White Pearl Body Scrub} {Organic Mulberry Detoxify Steam} {Organic Silk & Korean Ginseng Warm Oil Body Massage} {Golden Silk Moisturizing Facial Mask} {Organic Golden Cocoon Luminous Bath}

From the priceless beauty of Thai silk to the ultimate luxury of natural skin nourishment. Thai silk is endowed with beneficial properties. Golden silk thread is rich in protein while the mulberry leaves, contain significant vitamins. The golden cocoons contain a total of 18 essential silk amino acids good for hair and skin. A treatment regime that nourishes and restores your skin to its natural beauty. The program brings back moisture balance and subtle radiance, leaving skin smooth, healthy-looking and reinvigorated. "Organic Golden Silk Royal Pampering" is the ultimate luxury best enjoyed in a carefree afternoon.

210 mins / THB 7,550

White Orchid Holistic

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Carnation Oil Cover}{White Pearl Body Scrub Plus Hot Ozone Steam} {Agarwood Body Mud} {Warm Blanket Detoxify} {White Ochid Holistic Aromatic Steam} {Light Meal} {Warm White Orchid Holistic Oil Massage With Rose Quartz} {Deep Cleanse and Collagen Facial Massage} {White Orchid Milky Bath}

A good way to spiritually and physically comprehend the beauty within whilst promoting skin radiance and maintaining freshness of youth. The session starts with warm foot soak, warm white orchid aroma body cover and body scrub. Agarwood resin and a warm honey & beeswax body mask then takes place harmonizing with rose water facial deep cleansing. A herbal steam is upcoming before entering the core of this session, agarwood essential oil massage, with a cutting-edge body massaging roller, this step complements vitamin C and E as well as collagen to help boost and nourish skin. Finishes off with white orchid milky bath to complete a total sense of tranquility.

210 mins / THB 8,350 - 270 mins / THB 9,950

(210 mins: Deep Cleanse and Collagen Facial Massage, White Orchid Milky Bath and Light Meal are not Included)

Queen of the Bright

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Anti-Cellulite Warm Flower Oils Body Soak} {Bee Pollen Gum Honey & Skin Metabolizing Body Scrub plus Hot Steam} {White Pearl Body Mask} {Warm Thermal Blanket} {Detoxifying Spirulina And Vitamin Cocktial Hair Spa} {Enriching Tanaka Milk Powder Steam} {Growth Hormone & Collagen With Warm Rose Quartz} {Oriental Queen Flower Milky Bath} {Divana's Daily Meal Choice Service}

Perfect approach to enhance feminine figure, aiming for pristine body and reincarnated soul. Begins with detoxifying Ashiyu Foot cleansing follows by Anti-cellulite Warm Oils Body Soak and Bee Pollen Body Scrub to prepare your skin for the next steps, in addition, detoxifying Spirulina Hair Spa is applied. When your body is ready from head to toe, the session brings in a herbal steam with an optional use of Tanaka milky powder before thoroughly energizes and de-stresses your body with Divana's established Abhayanga hot stone body shaping massage, a type of therapy using Ayurvedic wisdom. Lastly, submerge in an Oriental Queen milky bath prepared with 8 kinds of Thai white night flowers believed to be rejuvenating.

210 mins / 9,900 THB

The Exquisite Romance of Siamese Rose

{Ashiyu foot soak} { Warm oil stem rose body rub} { Himalayan rose salt body scrub} {Krajae Chan Stem} {Rose honey water body mud} { Stem Rose anti-age body steam} { Himalayan rose salt stone magnetic body detoxify} {Rose Petal Anti-aging facial Treatment} { Himalayan Rose Eye Balance Therapy} { Rose Chakra Head Scalp Therapy} { Siamese Rose Romance bath}

Embellish beauty in a way to achieve through the wondrous benefits of rose beguiling essences. Organic rose petal was blend to Himalayan rock salt that flushes away all dead skin cells. Trance yourself to gorgeous nap while the "Kratie Chan" rose water penetrates more nutrients of the scrub for a more supple skin complexion. A treat from temple up to your scalp is a Chakra Healing head massage while giving your scalp a tender detoxification; boost up all nutrients that surface your skin through the reviving essence of the rose steam; Deep into the calmness and roll away worrisome through Himalayan stone treat melded with rayavedic rose oil, it balances the nerves and soothe the cardiac rhythm; Rose petal anti-aging facial technique gathered benefits revives face elasticity and naturally tackle unwanted blemishes, while the himalayan eye balance therapy gradually diminish visible fine lines; Varnish your body with Siamese rose milky bath that invigorates the mood an revive beauty elements that is quintessential to create the whole aura of a dazzling belle appeal.

260 Mins / THB 8,550

The Romance of Siamese Rose

{Ashiyu foot soak} { Warm oil stem rose body rub} { Himalayan rose salt body scrub} { Krajae Chan Stem} { Rose honey water body mud} { Stem Rose anti-age body steam} {Himalayan rose salt stone magnetic body detoxify} {Rose Chakra Head Scalp Therapy} { Siamese Rose Romance bath}

190 Mins / THB 6,950

Aurora of Ayothaya

{Ashiyu foot soak} {Skin Ozone Body Purify} {Silk oil body rub} {Organic Silk & Gold powder with Honey collagen} {Milky ball scrub} {Organic Silk & Gold powder body mask} {Organic Silk Cocoon Body Steam} {Ayothaya Aromatic massage with selection of Four Element remedy}

190 Mins / THB 6,950

{Ayothaya Foot Spa Remedy} { Skin Ozone Body Purify} { Silk oil body rub} { Organic Silk & Gold powder with Honey collagen} { Milky ball scrub} {Organic Silk & Gold powder body mask} { Organic Silk Cocoon Body Steam} { Ayothaya Aromatic massage with selection of Four Element remedy } { Golden Aurora Facial Rejuvenate} { Aurora Ayothaya Floral Fragrance bath}

Deity Beauty of Suphankanlaya is the magnified theorem of Aurora of Ayuthaya, a wondrous treatment that entice the beauty through the herbal methods of Thai Siamese medicine endogenous to the land of Thais. The pore purifier was upgraded while adsorbs the needed oxygen for skin revival; Golden Silk mend with honey gum are rub gently to remove toxins and skin impurities while retain skin elasticity; Golden Silk Mask wrap the nutrients to swigs in while the infrared body detox promotes a rapid cell regeneration; Be indulge with the combine technique of Aromatherapy and Thai Massage that tackles muscle tensions for a total body relaxation; an evolved version of "tok sen" wherein a steady staccato rhythm of tapping along the tense muscles using a wooden hammer and mallet that free any chronic pain disorder myofascial adhesions; "Ayothaya Herbal burnt remedy" aiming to circulate body airflow; "Ayothaya cape lily satu salt compress" design for water element , benefit of body liquid drainage and respiratory flow; "Ancient Thai floral compress" suitable for Fire element, aiming to reduce inner body hear and balance body metabolism. Energy channels absorb by the skin that release natural essential oil from the herbs that matches that we will match depending on your birth of date using our element almanac; Rejuvenate as the ancient golden powder features during the facial treat while finish the regal treat with Silky Milky luscious bath.


260 Mins / THB 8,550

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Whitening Natural AHA Body Wrap}{Rich Rose & Collagen Serum Massage} {Neck & Breast Massage and Mask} {Lavender & Yoghurt Bath}

A vitamin-enriched 'AHA' body wrap, in an effort to illuminate skin complexion, preludes a lavish body bath of lavender & yoghurt that calms and relaxes the mind. The opulent sweet rose collagen massage leaves you drenched with nurturing nourishment and real firming & uplifting sensations while your skin appears young & silky, feels soft to the touch yet fresh and delicately fragranced. The session includes neck & breast refining treatment for a desirable proportion of feminineness. An ultimate rebirth of well-toned figure and gorgeous glowing skin

180 Mins / THB 5,350

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Organic Rose Fresh Body Scrub & Body Mud} {Rose Stem Cell Hair Muditioner} {Rose Stem Cell Aromatic Steam} {Rose Stem Cell Collagen Massage} {Organic Rose Floral Bath}

Suitable for irritated skins, this romantic treatment uses rose stem cell technology to treat lines, wrinkles and other signs of premature ageing through an aromatic steam, body wrap and hair muditioner all using the extract of rose stem cells. Follow this up with a moisture boost through a combination of a rose stem cell collagen massage and a floral bath that brings about renewed vitality and ensures epidermal regeneration. The process reduces redness and improves the defensive barrier function of the skin.

180 Mins / THB 5,350

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