Wellness Spa Program

Massage Remedy

Qi Foot Detoxify

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Detoxification Foot Scrub)(Acupressure Point Foot Detox Massage)(Satta Salt Compress)

Emitting internal Qi-therapy to your psychological wellbeing, traditionally esoteric and secretive method immersed to this detoxification foot therapy, garnered by Divana's most sought organic products starting from the therapeutically reviving foot soak, followed by the Organic Prana Lemongrass Scrub lingering with the citrusy scent of Siamese's signature herb, helps to detoxify by extracting toxins lies through the feet. Let our professionally designed Acupressure Point Massage treat the energy fields on your legs to your feet, as well as mind, emotions, and spirit.

100 Minutes/ THB 1,750

Thai Boran Massage

(Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Authentic Thai Massage)

Affirmed as one of the highest contribution to Thai heritage, arguably a natural instinct and the benefits of touch it seems, highlighting codified style involving authentic Thai massage on specific points. "Rajasamnak," an aristocratic technique, subsequently relieves aching muscles, and as efficient as the painkiller, reduce joint pain, kneading, and manipulation of muscles. This is a work of wonder as it removes the stress and strains of modernized life.

100 Minutes/ THB 1,750 – 120 Minutes/ THB 1,950

Stress Away Therapeutic

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Head, Back & Shoulders Stress Relieve Massage)(Phikat Bua Compress)

Stimulating the vital organs and senses, a legendary method of treatment employed in traditional Thai medicine. This therapy helps to improve and stimulate the lymphatic system packed along with techniques treating the back, shoulders and head. The treatment will release soft tissue adhesions, an intensive approach to a holistic wellbeing.

70 Minutes/ THB 2,150

Sensory Aromatic Massage

Specifically focusing on fostering a deep level of relaxation and cultivating energy in technique of Aromatherapy to nurture oneself. Indulge yourself with soothing benefits of life balance and longevity through the application of Divana's Hallmark of Aromatic oils on this prestigious therapy.

90 Minutes/ THB 1,950 - 120 Minutes / THB 2,450

Serenity Slumber Massage

(Ashiyu foot cleansing and refreshing foot toner)(Aromatic Massage)

Pamper yourself with a sweet relaxation, a humble yet serene treatment that invigorates your soul, slumbering your senses and reawakening it along with another variant of a rebirth glow. A rhythmic Long Stroke deep relaxing massage strengthens your muscular complexity that focuses particularly on the most important joints to treat, truly a restful hibernation to prelude a melody of calmness of mind and soul.

120 Minutes/ THB 3,150

Lymphatic Detoxify Massage

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Lymphatic Drainage Body Massage)

A preeminent alternative way of treatment detoxification, playing a beneficial role in improving the trigger points that relate on boosting the life's well-balanced immune system. Inspiration to the everlasting life rejuvenation of the combined force of Divana's, Amrita Jasmine brings back the power of your youthfulness and slows down the signs of aging through the form of professionalized massage.

100 Minutes/ THB 2,450

Phikat Bua Prakob Remedy

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Authentic Thai Massage)(Phikat Bua Compress)

Ease the soreness of your body through the application of the Authentic Thai massage remedy. This is a systemize style that perfectly indulges you in a bind treatment along with the healthy benefits of the "Phikat Bua Prakob," a legendary herbal compress that adds up to the bona fides of therapeutic treat.

100 Minutes/ THB 2,450

Office Syndrome Remedy

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Head, Back & Shoulders Stress Relieve Massage)(Long Stroke Deep Sleep Massage)(Phikat Bua Compress)

Combat the busy life and restrain yourself by the help of this remarkable treatment. A combined technique treating the back, shoulders and head, this remedy finalizes the treat with serene long stroke of deep massage, thus energizing and soothing the body. It also focuses on pinching and pressing on acupressure points to help ease the stress. The method will gradually apply reviving remedy to help you break free from the social stress of life.

120 Minutes/ THB 2,950

Pregnancy Panacea Therapy

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Warm Sweet Almond Body Massage)(SattaSalt Hot Compress)
Suitable for 4-6 months of Pregnancy.

A delicate body work that involves the application of pressure to the reflex zones. This massage provides worry free as the treatment is carefully designed to treat women who are in prenatal stage provided after the first tri-mester of pregnancy, treatment is meticulously approached to use Divana's organic sweet almond massage oil, Achieving a truly awakening and invigorating effect on mind and body while carrying precious one in thy womb.

120 Minutes/ THB 2,950

Holistic Yokee Massage

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Longevity Yokee Massage)

Take a holistic approach to achieve higher greatness and wellness within yourself. Yokee Thai Massage, A truly utmost skill that we inherent from the Thai culture is combined with the Longevity aromatic inspired massage, tackles particular physical and muscular problems, increases blood temperature and restarts blood circulation.

120 Minutes/ THB 3,150

Detoxify Jade Reborn

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Detoxifying Divine Jade Stone Therapy)

Gather yourself with tranquility, balance the nerves and sooth the cardiac rhythm with help of divine jade stone therapy, the massage technique is fill of sumptuous benefits is to be treat along with absorbing organic massage oil, both aims of total inner detoxification and strengthening the body's filtration and cleansing systems. A one of a kind therapy that is chronically beneficial to our wellbeing.

120 Minutes/ THB 3,550

Facial Remedy

Intensive Time Reversal

(Facial Sensory Therapy)(Bio-Detox Facial Cleansing)(Bio-Detox Facial Scrub)(Collagen Time Reversal Facial)(Skin Repair Facial Sensitive Mask)(Day Time Reversal Facial Radiant)

Let the manifestation of eternal youthfulness appears within you with the blissful benefits of the time reversal series, Astaxanthin one of the most potent and powerful anti-oxidant given of its 500 times count and containing 600 times count more than normal Vitamin C is being featured on this humble yet intensive approach facial treatment. Disperse the free radicals, nourish the skin and reduce the signs of aging.

70 Minutes/ THB 1,950

Muk Abhyanga Facial Detox

(Facial Sensory Therapy)(Sensitive Ozone Facial Pore Purify)(Bio Detox Facial Cleansing)(Muk Abhya nga Warm Oil Facial Detoxify)(Amethyst Ice Stone Face Lift)(Skin Repair Facial Sensitive Mask)(Day Time Reversal Facial Radiant)

Pre-medicated organic extracts are what the Muk Abhyanga treatment are composed of, Derived from the healing technique of "Panchakarma therapy" and the outstanding Dii wellness skin care products aims combined nothing but everyone's life wellness through the gathered force of fine marine extracts intensively purifies the skin from within and brings out the refined, blemishes free look.

70 Minutes/ THB 2,850

Arokaya Facial Lift

(Facial Sensory Therapy)(Sensitive Ozone Facial Pore Purify)(Bio-Detox Aqua Facial Cleansing)(Lotus Seed Facial Compress)(Acupressure Point Collagen Facial Boost)(Lotus Petal Eyes Soothing)(Skin Repair Facial Sensitive Mask) (Day Time Reversal Facial Radiant)

A significant approach to delay the signs of aging through the application of this therapy, helps to gradually diminish the fine lines with the use of the divine amethyst rarest form of quartz stone lift up the face & triggers. Arokaya facial technique a correcting effect that reduces the inflammation and blemishes. Melt away tensions and fatigue, disperse the toxins and lifting up spirit, suitable for dry to normal skin.

70 Minutes/ THB 2,850

Detoxify Jade Energetic Therapy

(Facial Sensory Therapy)(Bio-Detox Facial Cleansing)(Bio-Detox Facial Scrub)(Detoxify Divine Jade Stone Energetic Treatment)(Amethyst Ice Stone Face Lift)(Placenta Rejuvenate Mask)(Placenta Rejuvenate Mask) (Day Time Reversal Facial Radiant)

Distilled by the wonders of science to bring the purest level of detoxification, address the head all the way to the neck. Rejuvenation through the help of the energizing properties of divine jade stone, designed to normalize the flow of Qi energy within and stimulating special points that gathers energy flows underneath the skin. The magnetic heat field transmits the heat through the divine jade stone. Designed to bring internal detoxification while the invigorating power of the icy amethyst stone enhance the overall appearance and vitality to the face complexion.

70 Minutes/ THB 3,550

Bio-Detox Collagen Firming

(Facial Sensory Therapy)(Bio-Detox Aqua Facial Cleansing)(Sensitive Ozone Facial Pore Purify)(Marine Collagen Facial Firming Massage)(Amethyst Ice Stone Face Lift)(Placenta Rejuvenate Mask)(Day Time Reversal Facial Radiant)

A combined essence of marine extracts that completes the bio-detoxification benefits of this treatment, perfectly design to tackle all the skin issues, the "Dii Time Reversal" collagen that contains 600x Astaxanthin is responsible to the visible skin regeneration increase elasticity and improved firmness of the skin. Intensive boost enzyme are packed in placenta rejuvenate mask, while the defined healing amethyst maintain the intoxication of the skin by clearing the veins clog through the method of Ice stone face lifting therapy.

70 Minutes/ THB 3,550

Spa Remedy

Samata Delight Lullaby

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Growth Hormone Head Massage)(Long stroke Deep Sleep Massage)(Phikat Bua Hot Compress)(Soul Soothing Milky Bath)

A gateway to an endearingly nurture retreat, a remedy packages endowed with the rich rejuvenation properties stimulate a healthy growth through the process of acupressure head massage, break free from the staggering insomnia through the long stroke deep massage, ease the tensions, relieve depression and dive in yourself to the calmness benefits of the soothing milky bath.

150 Mins/ THB 3,950

Spa Nobleman

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Back & Shoulder Stress Relieve Massage)(Total Body Drainage Massage)(Phikat Bua Hot Compress)(Organic Detoxify Bath)

A one of a kind treat suitable for gentlemen, renewing vitality and ensure epidermal regeneration through the help of the detoxifying organic mineral bath. The "Phikat Bua Hot Compress" binds the treatment along with some rich healthy benefits, Invigorates the mood and intellectual reasoning that is essential to create the whole aura of a dashing gentleman appeal.

150 Mins/ THB 4,350

Bridal Flare

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Authentic Detox Steam)(Hydradermabrassion Oxygen Boost)(Warm Lotus Seed Oil Massage)(Brightening Pearl Mud)(Infrared Body Cocoon)(Satta Bongkot Pollen Milky Bath)

Produce a brilliant aura that shine bright through the enhance treat aggrandize by the beauty essence composing by this "bride to be" treat. The eternal youth that is found on the lotus seeds will be gradually treat to intake by the epidermal core through the process of the soothing warm massage. The holistic pearl mud will slowly be adsorbed while you're hibernating inside the infrared body cocoon waiting to be bloom like the royal monarch butterfly. Providing an absolute charm as you are counting down for the most anticipated moment of your life.

200 Mins/ THB 5,950

Spa A La Carte

Spa Chanti

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Organic Detoxify Scrub)(Organic Warm Aromatic Massage)

Pamper your body and soul and give it a magical treat with Divana's wellbeing wisdom, indulged you to the array varieties of organic scrub therapy and pair it with lingering soul treat of the warm organic aromatic massage. Stimulates blood circulation, help drain lymph nodes, and detoxify your body internally. A mild yet nurtured approach to the eternal sense of balance.

130 Minutes/ THB 2,950

Super Detox Hot Stone Retreat

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Organic Detoxify Scrub} {Hot Stone & Aromatic Oil Therapy}

Embrance the invigorating nature treat through the array of organic scrub that is quintessential for skin rejuvenation, plentiful nutrients carry by the organic scrubs deeply penetrate to skin for a lavish indulgence. Sink in the warm embrace of the gem stones as it generates soothing feels whenever it kneads with Divana's hallmark of Aromatic Oils towards the skin. Encourage powerful metathesis energies to cleanse away and harmonize positive energy flow. Relax yourself at its deepest level while healing and balancing your inner power.

150 Minutes/ THB 3,850

Spa Viman

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Organic Detoxify Scrub)(Organic Detoxify Body Mud)(Authentic Detox Steam)(Organic Warm Aromatic Massage)

Shed your body with an invigorating organic spa therapy that you truly deserved. The rich extract of our organic body mud helps to penetrate and absorb the nutrients lies on every bit of the organic scrub selections. It boosts up the turn-over of skin regeneration and promotes an ultimate body exfoliation. Redefine the longevity of youthful skin through the nurture properties Divana's organic ingredients.

160 Minutes/ THB 3,950

Spa Samsara

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Organic Detoxify Scrub)(Organic Detoxify Body Mud)(Authentic Detox Steam)(Organic Warm Aromatic Massage)(Satta Bongkot Pollen Milky Bath)

A rewarding treat the accelerate skin renewal that brings back the eternal glow from within. With the enrich properties of the organic body scrub elicit the nutrients needed within, the warm massage therapy manipulate the soft tissues and decrease the muscle tensions. The glorious warm Satta Bongkot Pollen Milky Bath helps the effectiveness of the moisturized and milky glowing skin.

190 Minutes/ THB 4,950

Spa Nurture Prestige

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Organic Detoxify Scrub)(Organic Detoxify Body Mud)(Authentic Detox Steam)(Organic Warm Aromatic Massage)(Satta Bongkot Pollen Milky Bath)(Intensive Time Reversal Facial Treatment)

Be nurtured through touch, a full course treat, essentially beneficial to the regeneration of the body as it is its basic need and never be instinctual. A farewell to unwanted skin debris and wrinkles, a time to redefine your body through the work of the essential nutrients that is being treated together with the most sough skills of massage, the package finishes up with the "Intensive Time Reversal Facial Therapy". Exhibit the luxurious spa illumination to Divana's Thumbprint.

240 Minutes/ THB 5,950

Signature Precedence

Detoxkarma Sattasalt Remedy

(Satu Salt Foot Scrub & Milky Bath)(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Sensitive Ozone Body Purify)(Organic Detoxify Body Scrub)(Authentic Detox Steam)(Body Drainage Detoxify Massage)(Thai Boran SattaSalt Compress)(Lotus Seed Detoxify Body Mask)(Authentic Detox Royal Honey Bath)(MukAbhyanga Facial Detox)

The healing powers of touch therapy have been expounded on since ancient times; let the "Karma Energy" flow through your inner system with the DetoxKarma Remedy a truly divine therapy that treats you with the mystical wonders of touch, bounded with the sense of healing touch and to cleanse away negative energies stuck inside the body. The detox royal honey bound to blend and melt-away body sore and leaves the skin a more nourish clean detoxified look. The Satta Salt crystalline properties principles are designed to leave the skin noticeably lighter, brighter and more vital. The lotus seed detoxifying mask is bound to bring supreme skin nourishment, a well choreograph series of treat that brings you a euphoria feel. The treatment tackles body mind and mentality wellbeing, you'll wake up with a taut and firm feeling that comes with added luminosity.

300 Mins/ THB 12,500

Longevity Phikat Bua Arokaya

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Organic Thai Rice Wine Warm Compress)(Ancient Lotus Powder Body Polish)(Ancient Lotus Powder Body Polish)(Longevity Yokee Massage)(Detoxify Divine Jade Stone Therapy)(Golden Pearl Body Cover)(Thai Rice Wine Warm Body Soak with Royal Honey Bath)(Arokaya Facial Lift)

The total you are addressed with the longevity concept of "Arokaya Therapy" comes with depth diagnostics and therapeutics executed in tranquil secluded setting. The wondrous of Longevity Yokee massage helps boost up your system mortality; The "Sato" organic Thai rice wine antioxidants properties prolong the mortality and improve healthy skin moisture absorption. Sop up with the Golden Pearl Body Cover, expedites on the revival of damaging free radicals that plays a role in age-related cumbersome, be refreshed with the burst of energy brought by the marvelous Thai rice wine body soak infuse with the royal honey bath, and be pampered ready for the next step of life.

280 Minutes/ THB 9,950

Thaiyurvedic Chakradhara

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Chakra Therapy)(Royal Jelly Body Cover)(Energy Reboost Organic Steam)( Thaiyurveda Acupressure Point Chakra Massage)(Phikat Bua Herbal compress)(Shirodhara Aura Head Massage)(Satta Bongkot Pollen with Royal Honey Bath)

Combined with ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic and modernized science of immune boosting, The ShatChakra Quartz head sensory comes with the broad-spectrum anti-microbial agents and immune booster, the naturally produced heat from the divine jade stone quartz activates the key ingredients to safeguard your immune system. The glorious warm Satta Bongkot Pollen Milky Bath helps the effectiveness of the moisturized and milky glowing skin. Be pampered like regal with the royal jelly cover, rich with the antibacterial properties and hefty serving of skin-saving antioxidants. This astonishing package will activate an extravagant glow that the skin has never exhibited before.

260 Minutes/ THB 8,850

Signature Remedy

SattaSalt Remedy

(Satu Salt Foot Scrub & Milky Bath)(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Sensitive Ozone Body Purify/ Organic Detoxify Body Scrub)(Authentic Detox Steam)(Body Drainage Detoxify Massage)(Thai Boran Salt Compress Remedy)(Lotus Seed Detoxify Body Mask)

Allow the magic of the gorgeous Satta Salt treat your body, with fine moisture and mineral treasure helps maintaining the cellular functioning of the body, the Thai Boran salt compress flushing out toxins while improving skin barrier to prevent inflammation of the skin surface at the same time. A superb state of bliss is attained through the body purifying sensitive ozone therapy; simultaneously perform along with intense detoxifying Greentea body scrub. The ponderous beneficial properties of the lotus seed is subsume through the refine body mask that sooth the body with its cooling properties. Represent the eternal state of wellbeing.

210 Minutes/ THB 9,950

Longevity Phikat Bua

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Ancient Lotus Powder Body Polish)(Thai Rice Wine Warm Body Soak)(Authentic Thai Herbal Steam)(Longevity Yokee Massage)(Detoxify Divine Jade Stone Therapy)

Design for any walks of life challenged by the modern lifestyle. The distinct rich property found on the ancient lotus powder polishes the general skin ailments, increase fertility, vitality and mood; Showering with the "Sato" organic Thai rice wine will exhilarate you with it's refreshing properties, bring your life to luminosity by the form of "Phikat Bua" represents the rebirth in afterlife brings out a profound beauty that lies within, finishes the program with the authentic Thai approach of Yokee massage technique & the wonderful healing properties brought by the divine jade stone massage, a truly compelling treatment to initiate ultimate alleviation and re-stablish a sense of a newfound longevity.

210 Minutes/ THB 5,550

Ayurvedic Raynergy

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Detoxify Divine Jade Stone Therapy)(ShatChakra Quartz Healing)(Shirodhara Quartz Healing)(Soul Soothing Milky Bath)

Revive the energy of your aura through the divine benefits of the Ayurvedic therapy, the oldest holistic healing system. Deep into the calmness and melt away worrisome by the head sensory therapy of the ShatChakra Quartz Healing activated through the heat element bound in the red fire, heals and promotes the inner energy balance. The healing properties of the divine jade stone will contribute to the harmonize elements the lies within, a truly sacred therapy that is bound to put your inner elements back in its place. The recuperating calmness brought by the warm luminous soul soothing milky bath will take you to the holistic oasis, soothes your mind while leaves your skin silky soft and rigorously revived.

180 Minutes/ THB 5,450

Thaiyurvedic Chakra

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Satta Bongkot Pollen Body Scrub)(Thaiyurveda Chakra Massage)(Chakra Therapy)(ShatChakra Quartz Healing)

Let go of stress with the authentic health benefits of the Thai Herbs, The energy comes from the reboots organic steam which alleviate pulled muscles and ligaments. Satta Bongkot Pollen a truly genuine Divana's homemade scrub rich with antioxidant properties gives an analgesic effect to wash away the microbial properties. The therapy through the form of Thayurveda Chakra Massage helps minimize damage caused to the skin by free radicals, unblocks pores and provide vital radiance and clarity. ShatChkra Quartz Healing reenergizes your inner Qi by transmitting heat properties to the multi-dimensional points of radiant energy. The luminous therapy organizes the vortex that constitutes an essential part of the energetic matrix that supports your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

160 Minutes/ THB 4,650

Champagne Mango

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner } {Duo Herbal Compress With Chamomile Tea & Fresh Milk} {Fresh Tangerine With Turmeric Body Scrub} {Fresh Mango & Red Algae Collagen Body Rub} {Champagne Anti-Aging Treatment} {Brightening Rhubarb Warm Oil & Hot Stone Body Massage} {Milky Bath} {Divana's Daily Meal Choice Service}

A lavish indulgence to experience. The duo performance of chamomile & fresh milk compress and tangerine & turmeric scrub help purify and relax your body, ready for the next act. Feel mango's enzyme with natural peeling benefit while red algae collagen helps regenerate resilience, firmness and strength to the skin. Last act, antioxidant age-defying champagne treatment scored by revivifying 'rhubarb' warm oil massage to ensure the excellent play of a sparkling body spa for glowing youthful skin.

210 mins / THB 7,950 - 240 mins/ THB 9,950

(210 mins: Sparkling Wine instead of Champagne. Milky Bath and Meal Service are not Inclusive) (Advance Reservation is Required)

White Orchid Holistic

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Carnation Oil Cover}{White Pearl Body Scrub Plus Hot Ozone Steam} {Agarwood Body Mud} {Warm Blanket Detoxify} {White Ochid Holistic Aromatic Steam} {Light Meal} {Warm White Orchid Holistic Oil Massage With Rose Quartz} {Deep Cleanse and Collagen Facial Massage} {White Orchid Milky Bath}

A good way to spiritually and physically comprehend the beauty within whilst promoting skin radiance and maintaining freshness of youth. The session starts with warm foot soak, warm white orchid aroma body cover and body scrub. Agarwood resin and a warm honey & beeswax body mask then takes place harmonizing with rose water facial deep cleansing. A herbal steam is upcoming before entering the core of this session, agarwood essential oil massage, with a cutting-edge body massaging roller, this step complements vitamin C and E as well as collagen to help boost and nourish skin. Finishes off with white orchid milky bath to complete a total sense of tranquility.

210 mins / THB 8,350 - 270 mins / THB 9,950

(210 mins: Deep Cleanse and Collagen Facial Massage, White Orchid Milky Bath and Light Meal are not Included)

Ayurvedic Rose Glamour

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Shirodara & Rose Quartz Chakra Therapy} {Head & Scalp Massage} {Gum Honey & Brightening Sweet Rose Body Scrub} {Hay Herbal Steam} {Rose Quartz Warm Oil Massage} {Sweet Rose Glamour Milky Bath} {Rose Quartz Revital Facial Treatment} {Divana's Daily Meal Choice Service}

Such a sensational delightful nurturance ideally crafted for perfect romantic couples & honeymooners will simply lead you along a natural flow of sweetness from 'rose quartz' stone of love to a total state of well-being. Absorb the feelings of eternal love & care and feel the sensual pampering of mystical magic Shirodhara & miracle Rose Quartz therapy. You will optimize your session to finish off with our Sweet Rose Glamour Milky Bath to help you reach the sanctuary on earth.

210 mins / THB 6,850 - 270 mins / THB 7,750

(210 mins: Rose Quartz Revital Facial Treatment and Meal Choice Service are not Inclusive

Organic Golden Silk Royal Pampering

Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Organic Tanaka Body Cover & Sericin Silk Thread Spinning} {Organic Milky Compress} {Organic Honey & White Pearl Body Scrub} {Organic Mulberry Detoxify Steam} {Organic Silk & Korean Ginseng Warm Oil Body Massage} {Golden Silk Moisturizing Facial Mask} {Organic Golden Cocoon Luminous Bath}

From the priceless beauty of Thai silk to the ultimate luxury of natural skin nourishment. Thai silk is endowed with beneficial properties. Golden silk thread is rich in protein while the mulberry leaves, contain significant vitamins. The golden cocoons contain a total of 18 essential silk amino acids good for hair and skin. A treatment regime that nourishes and restores your skin to its natural beauty. The program brings back moisture balance and subtle radiance, leaving skin smooth, healthy-looking and reinvigorated. "Organic Golden Silk Royal Pampering" is the ultimate luxury best enjoyed in a carefree afternoon.

210 mins / THB 7,550

Queen of the Bright

{Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Anti-Cellulite Warm Flower Oils Body Soak} {Bee Pollen Gum Honey & Skin Metabolizing Body Scrub plus Hot Steam} {White Pearl Body Mask} {Warm Thermal Blanket} {Detoxifying Spirulina And Vitamin Cocktial Hair Spa} {Enriching Tanaka Milk Powder Steam} {Growth Hormone & Collagen With Warm Rose Quartz} {Oriental Queen Flower Milky Bath} {Divana's Daily Meal Choice Service}

Perfect approach to enhance feminine figure, aiming for pristine body and reincarnated soul. Begins with detoxifying Ashiyu Foot cleansing follows by Anti-cellulite Warm Oils Body Soak and Bee Pollen Body Scrub to prepare your skin for the next steps, in addition, detoxifying Spirulina Hair Spa is applied. When your body is ready from head to toe, the session brings in a herbal steam with an optional use of Tanaka milky powder before thoroughly energizes and de-stresses your body with Divana's established Abhayanga hot stone body shaping massage, a type of therapy using Ayurvedic wisdom. Lastly, submerge in an Oriental Queen milky bath prepared with 8 kinds of Thai white night flowers believed to be rejuvenating.

210 Minutes/ THB 9,900