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Organic Facial Therapy

Organic De-stress Detox

(Recommend for Gentlemen)

{Organic Facial Deep Cleansing} {Organic Facial Detoxify Scrub} {Organic Facial Soothing Mask} {Collagen Facial Massage}

Designed for both women and men challenged by the modern lifestyle, this quick and efficient detoxifying, de-stressing pick-me-up integrates a collagen facial massage with an organic soothing mask and organic, deep cleansing, detoxifying facial scrub to cure stress and restore equilibrium to the body and mind. The result is refreshed, nourished skin blessed with a sense of total relaxation.

70 mins / THB 1,950

Organic Sensitive Collagen

{Organic Facial Deep Cleansing} {Organic Facial Scrub} {Organic Facial Mask} {Collagen Facial Massage}

Perfect for sensitive skin, this deep cleansing, moisturizing, relaxing facial is based on an organic scrub, a nourishing mask and a collagen massage. An effective collagen booster, the technique taps the nourishing powers of Divana's premium products of organically certified active ingredients, leaving skin fresh and revitalized.

70 mins / THB 2,150

Organic Glowing Multi-Vitamin

{Organic Facial Deep Cleansing} {Organic Facial Multi-Vitamin Scrub} {Organic Facial Multi-Vitamin Mask} {Ultrasonic Facial Massage}

This deep cleansing facial involves a special application of a purifying scrub and nourishing mask enriched with bio-natural multivitamins (A, C and E). When combined with a specialized ultrasonic massage, the therapy helps minimize damage caused to the skin by free radicals, unblocks pores and provides vital radiance and clarity.

90 mins / THB 2,650

Bio Collagen Ultra Lift Facial

{Organic Facial Deep Cleansing} {Organic Facial Scrub} {Organic Facial Mask} {Collagen Facial Massage}{Ultrasonic Facial Massage}

This luxury rehydrating, lifting facial provides an exclusive pampering experience with a combination of our scientifically advanced oxygen therapy, a serum booster, collagen mask and ultrasonic massage techniques to combat stressed, tired skin thanks to its pore-minimizing effect.

90 mins / THB 3,550

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